mō-ˈmen-təm – strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events

It is rare for businesses to post alternating growth and declining years. It is more typical that a business will post a series of like trends, based on the concept of momentum. Like other areas of life, a single act can create a huge shift in momentum and thus impact trends for years.

Our team understands that growing revenue is a top priority for healthy CPA firms. Building a culture of growth requires attracting top talent, being committed to service excellence, and building intellectual capital. These intangible assets create an environment that ultimately will attract clients to choose your firm. To maintain positive momentum, growth is not an option, its a must.

alliantGrowth Advisory will start by thoroughly understanding your business, your culture and your business development efforts. Our team of seasoned experts will also look at your industry strengths, how you align talent with those strengths, and your process for delivering value to your clients, and prospective clients in your market.

After our assessment, we will bring ideas to accelerate the growth of your firm using transformative processes and tools. Our team has decades of experience enhancing professional services companies from Big Four to small firms. We’ll help you efficiently manage the process of delivering value to your clients and get your firm to the next level.

Areas in which we can help:

  • Cross Serving Existing Clients
  • Winning New Clients
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Analytics
  • Maximize Advisory Opportunities
    • Cyber
    • Risk Management
    • Forensics
    • Human Capital

Reach out to alliantGrowth Advisory today, and speak with one of our experts on how we can work with you to accelerate or turn momentum, enhance revenue, and grow your firm.

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