We understand it can be lonely at the top

There are 4 times as many professional football players in the National Football League than there are Managing Partners/CEOs of the top 400 US CPA firms. With such a limited number of peers, and a portion of them competing for the same clients and talent, deep collaboration counseling can be a difficult situation to navigate.

It can be equally challenging to find consultants you can feel confident are offering good advice. It is of paramount importance to find advisors who understand and align with your firm’s values and culture. And while there are many consultants in the market willing to give advice to practice leaders, there are only a handful who have been ‘field tested’ at the highest levels of the profession. Even fewer of them have consistently delivered ‘best in class’ results.

The alliantGrowth Advisory team is perhaps the most deeply experienced group in the market, and our experts have all worked at the pinnacle of the CPA world. Lead by the former CEO of Deloitte Italy and the former COO of Grant Thornton U.S., our team has broad U.S. and international experience working with partner groups of every size. When you speak with our advisors, you know you are speaking with people who have faced the same challenges you are dealing with, and that they know how to deal with them. Some of the conversations we can facilitate and provide guidance on are:

  • Pricing consultations
  • Leverage
  • Culture building
  • Cost efficiency
  • Technology solutions
  • Working capital management
  • Real Estate
  • Skills development, such as how to navigate the C-suite
  • Cyber-security
  • Outsourcing, partnering, remote staffing of domain expertise (e.g. India) to help fuel growth or combat the shrinking domestic talent pool

Speak to our team today, and find out how we can help grow your firm and take your business to the next level. 

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alliantGrowth Advisory is ready to discuss your firm’s struggles and offer our independent non-biased advice to help your firm grow better fast. There is no team that has the proven track record or experience level as us and we’re ready to help you grow.