Re-writing the Rules on Company Culture


  Only 15% of executives in the U.S. say that their company culture is exactly where it needs to be.   Why is it so hard to create a company culture that employees can easily get behind? And what are the companies whose cultures and work environments receive rave reviews doing right?   In [...]

Re-writing the Rules on Company Culture2020-07-03T12:56:14-05:00

How Your Firm Can Maximize its Only Three Assets


There’s an often-overlooked problem within the world of CPA firms that needs to be addressed if they are to succeed now and in the future. All CPA firms have the same three assets: people, clients and intellectual capital. While we as a profession concentrate on driving revenue, client relations and even M&A or succession [...]

How Your Firm Can Maximize its Only Three Assets2020-07-03T12:56:37-05:00

One On One With Frank Tirelli


I spoke to Frank Tirelli, former Chairman and CEO of Deloitte & Touche Italy, former President and CEO of Herbalife International, and vice chairman of professional services at alliantgroup, about his journey and best advice   By Adam Mendler, Lessons in Leadership   Adam: Thanks again for taking the time to share your story and your [...]

One On One With Frank Tirelli2020-07-03T12:58:37-05:00

How companies can ‘create the enemy’


Competition should be an incentive to develop, instead of becoming a downfall.   We’ve seen it happen time and time again: Companies become stuck in their ways, relying too much on tradition, and are too stubborn to realize that their competition is creeping up on them—ready to pounce with a new innovation.   Nokia, the former [...]

How companies can ‘create the enemy’2020-07-03T12:49:03-05:00

The Business of Breaches


  We’re living in a world where the average ransomware attack costs companies $5 million, and cyberattacks are causing nearly 3.8 million records to be stolen from companies every single day.   So how are the perpetrators of these attacks able to hack our country’s businesses so easily, and what can we do to [...]

The Business of Breaches2020-07-03T13:02:14-05:00

3 Steps Professional Services Firms Can Take to Mitigate a Breach


Given the consequences, now is the time for professional services firms to invest in a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy   While companies like Quora, Marriott and Equifax have dominated the headlines recently, professional services firms have possibly more to lose when it comes to the consequences of a major cybersecurity breach. A new report by Moody’s Investors [...]

3 Steps Professional Services Firms Can Take to Mitigate a Breach2020-07-03T13:06:07-05:00

Our World in 2028: A Decade of Innovation


The world as we know it will change profoundly over the next ten years. With a projected global population of over 8.4 billion by 2028, businesses across all industries are investing billions of dollars in technology and innovation in order to be successful in a future where everyone is connected and information is instant. [...]

Our World in 2028: A Decade of Innovation2020-07-03T13:05:31-05:00

Frank Tirelli on Leadership in a Volatile World


Episode Info [While CEO of Deloitte Italy, Frank Tirelli was asked to discuss his thoughts on Resilience] You can’t always avoid change. But it’s how you bounce back and manage adversity that matters. In this episode of Resilient, Frank Tirelli, former COO of myCFO, CEO of Herbalife, and CEO of Deloitte Italy discusses his [...]

Frank Tirelli on Leadership in a Volatile World2020-07-06T15:15:35-05:00

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